2015 -2016 has seen Penfold Verrall Ltd expand the business to cater for our customers increased demand. We have additional Iveco 8 x 4 tippers and grab lorries and have supplemented the plant fleet with new CAT D6T blades, Volvo excavators and Warrior 1400X Screening plants. Of course this additional kit has resulted in an increase of employees.

At the back end of 2015 we successfully gained planning consent to construct an inert waste recycling facility at our Dial Post yard. Currently we are discharging the planning conditions and will look to have the facility functional in late 2016. We will be looking at supplying a variety of recycled materials to the construction industry.

Wolfram Syndrome Charity Golf Day

On the 15th July 2016 Penfold Verrall will be hosting the 4th Wolfram Syndrome UK Charity Golf Day at Singing Hills Golf Club. Any person / 4 ball team would be welcome to participate.

Over the years the money raised for WSUK has been wisely used to raise awareness of this degenerative condition. Currently we are close to engaging clinical trials for a drug that we believe will slow down the progression of the illness with the long term goal being a complete cure.

Click here to learn more about WSUK and how you might be able to help.

Penfold Verrall / Wolfram Syndrome UK Partnership

Ever since my niece Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease known as Wolfram Syndrome my brother, sister in law and their boys have faced massive changes in their lives. The bottom line is, there is no cure, and the long term prognosis is far from good. Many families would have caved in from the negativity of the situation and accepted that what will be will be. Not so Paul and Tracy. They embarked on a self-project to know more about the condition. They very soon realised that very little was known and more importantly that sufferers and their families had no support network.

Paul and Tracy founded a charity called Wolfram Syndrome UK. One of the aims of the charity was to raise awareness via information packs written by experts and hand delivered to every major children’s hospital in the UK. The charity has set up a network of support for sufferers and their families alike.

Jennifer’s specialist consultant Professor Tim Barrett has worked tirelessly alongside WSUK and is hoping to take drugs to clinical trials in the near future that hopefully will slow down the genetic degradation of the disease. Professor Barrett and Dr Fumi Urano, from America, are collaborating their common aim to find a cure! These two men are the leading specialists in the world on Wolfram Syndrome.

For the past three years WSUK alongside Wellchild has funded a national Wolfram Syndrome conference. Last year Dr Urano and Professor Barrett gave their time to talk at length to affected families at the conference. I believe both have made themselves available for this year’s conference.

To me the conference was a massive eye opener. I learnt so much. To meet other sufferer’s and their families, to listen to Professor Barrett and Dr Urano was inspiring. However for all their brilliance and the optimism they exude, the work that Paul and Tracy achieve in the back ground is crucial to the end goal. A cure!

I am delighted to announce that Penfold Verrall Ltd has entered into a partnership with Wolfram Syndrome UK. We have committed funds that will go a long way towards covering WSUK’s conference costs which is a substantial amount of their yearly budget. We too hope to make a difference.

Please click here to learn more about WSUK and how you can help - thank you.

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